Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

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Facebook Logo Surrounded By A Border Of Yellow FlowersDo you think what you post on social media should be means for getting kicked off extra curricular activities, because I think it should. I think if you post inappropriate, mean, or insulting comments or posts it should be means for you getting kicked off the team. I believe you should not be rewarded with getting to be on a extra curricular activity if you post something inappropriate, mean, or insulting. I think that before people post something they should think because even if you have a personal account whoever sees it can screenshot it and send it to someone else. You never know who will end up seeing your post and it might end up in the hands of your coach who can kick you off the team. I believe you should be able to post things privately and should be able to be private, but you should not use the advantage of posting privately to be inappropriate, mean, or insulting. In the article, “Teacher’s Facebook Post Didn’t Warrant Firing, A Panel Upholds,” on The New York Times, Andy Newman talks about how Christine Rubino, a fifth grade teacher, took advantage of her right to be private and commented mean comments about her students on Facebook consecutive to a incident that happened when a sixth grade class went on a class outing. She could have been fired. Please comment below on this post and answer the following questions:

Do you think what you post on social media should be means for getting kicked off extra curricular activities? Do you think Christine Rubino should have been fired for what she posted on Facebook?

The Lion King Hero

My heroes are my parents because they are protecting, loving, and caring/understanding. My parents are like Mufasa in the Lion King because both of my parents are protecting. Mufasa was protecting Simba when he saved him from the hyenas. Secondly, my parents are loving just like Nala is to Simba. Nala and Simba love each other and take care of each other just as my parents take care of me. Finally, my parents are caring/understanding also like Mufasa. Mufasa understood and cared for Simba when he went into the elephant graveyard even though Simba disobeyed Mufasa’s rules. My parents are amazing and I love them and you can probably see why I think that my parents are my heroes.

The Places I Will Go….

I love to travel! In the United States, my family and I have been to 15 states out of 50! The states I been to are Florida, Maine, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsyvania, Tennesse, Illinois, and of course the state I live in, Kentucky.

Last summer my family and I took a two week East Coast trip. We travelled to Pennsylvania and saw the Liberty Bell. Then we went to New York City for a few days and went to a Broadway show, the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial, and many other things. Then we went to Acadia National Park in Maine and went hiking. It was so pretty! Finally, we went to Cape Cod, MA for a week with my grandparents. We went to several beaches, saw lighthouses, had a campfire on the beach, and took a whale/dolphin cruise. It was my favorite trip ever!

Someday I hope to go out west and visit Grand Canyon National Park. I think the red rock will be beautiful, and I can’t wait to take pictures out there. I would also like to see Yosemite and some of the other national parks. I would also like to take a trip to Hawaii someday. There are so many places in this great country to visit!

What is your favorite vacation or destination that you have visited?

Morning at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

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Paws for a Cause Accomplishments & Goals

Paper for the Paws

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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Pug

One of our major accomplishments so far for our 20% project is we have planned and started our first fundraisers. For our first fundraiser, Sara and I are selling wrapping paper that was donated from my Grandma and my Aunt’s company. So far, we have received $30 and hope to raise much more. I am very excited for the fundraisers we are going to have.

Our goals for December are to confirm everything with the Boone County Animal Shelter and to hold the fundraising events to sell the gift wrap. We plan to sell wrapping paper in our neighborhood, at my sister’s dance recital, and possibly at another location. We hope to sell most, if not all, of the wrapping paper at the sales.

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Time for the Holidays!

Today I will be talking about 3 of my favorite holidays and my family holiday traditions for each holiday!

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Which is Mine ?My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love Christmas and love to celebrate it with my family every year. My family is Christian and Christmas day is the day baby Jesus was born. My family has lots of family traditions leading up to Christmas. At the start of the Christmas season, we hang stockings, decorate the tree, and hang Christmas lights and wreaths on our house! Every year my family and I go to a tree farm and get a tree for Christmas. First, we pick out the perfect tree, cut it down, and then load it on the truck. Then we go home and set it up in a tree stand and water it. Next, we decorate the tree with Christmas lights, ribbons, and ornaments. Finally, we string popcorn and hang it on the Christmas tree. We also bake Christmas cookies. On Christmas, my family celebrates Christmas by going to church, listening to Christmas songs, celebrating with other family and friends, and giving gifts to each other. We have lots of other Christmas traditions, but that was a few. I LOVE Christmas and you should too!


My second favorite holiday is New Year’s!


After Christmas my family and I usually visit 2 of my cousins and my aunt and uncle who live in Nashville, TN. All of my 1st cousins, aunts, and uncles come too! We all watch the New Year’s Ball drop in New York City in Times Square on the TV. We all count down to zero which is at 12 o’ clock. We have a great time! My family and I all tell each other our New Year’s resolutions which are goals that we want to try and accomplish in the new year. New Year’s is a fun holiday to celebrate!                                                                                                                                      柏安 蘇 via Compfight


My third favorite holiday is Easter!

Frohe Ostern 2018

As I said my family is Christian so Easter is the day Jesus came back to life after dying on the cross. He rose from the dead on Easter. To celebrate Easter my family goes to church, hunts for Easter eggs, and spends time with other family. We always decorate eggs with colorful patterns and we also dye the eggs. I love Easter because I can connect with Jesus!

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I love holidays which are times to celebrate! Those were 3 favorite Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter! Here is a link to a Christian Holidays list.

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Paws for a Cause Part Two

To build on my previous blog, Sara and I are working on this project in PBL called 20% Time project. We named our project “Paws for a Cause”. We are going to do fundraisers so that we can create care packages that we give to the Boone County Animal Shelter where a person gets one free care package every time they adopt an animal that will include some items such as dog/cat food, a leash, a collar, toys,  and more!

I am feeling great about our 20% project!!! I am really excited for our project! With hard work from both Sara and me, (and trust me we will work hard on this project), our 20% project will work out great!! I am also feeling scared for our project because our project is going to be challenging and it will require a ton of time and effort, but I know Sara and I can pull it off. Finally, I am feeling anxious because I am ready to get our project started! I know our project is going to be difficult, but if our project works out, many animals may be adopted! In addition, they will have the things they need such as a bed, food, a collar, a leash, toys, etc., and last but not least, they will have a family, a caring owner, a home, and a new life!!!

We have major goals for the month of November. One goal is to plan at least one fundraiser this month in an effort to raise money to create care packages. We are hoping to receive a donation of Christmas wrapping paper, that we then sell to raise money. We also need to draft notifications for social media and create posters to advertise our fundraiser. In addition, we plan to reach out to the Boone County Animal Shelter again to make sure that our goals are aligned with their needs. We plan to have our first fundraiser planned and in motion by November 30th.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

School Daze

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Classroom Materials      School…my favorite place in the whole world! I bet you believe that one, right??? 😉 In all seriousness, school is alright. Let me give you a little peek at my school day. I get up bright and early because school starts at 7:35 am. Then I run off to my homeroom where we work on Rosetta Stone on Chromebooks so that we can learn a second language. Next I go to my 1st period, Pre-Algebra Math. We have math book pages for homework each night if we don’t finish it in class. After that I have 2nd period which is English Language Arts class, where we do lessons on grammar and punctuation and then take tests on what we learned. In language arts we also work on the 20% project on Fridays and literature circles on Mondays and Thursdays. A literature circle is a group of people that read a book and then discuss what the book was about, what they think is going to happen in the book, words that were new to them in the book, passages that they think were interesting, and they summarize the book. Moving on, my 3rd period is Science class where we do experiments using the Scientific Method. 4th period is Social Studies class where we learn about the world and the culture of its people. Then I have 5th period, Project-Based-Learning class, which by the name you probably can tell that PBL is all about doing projects and working with a group. Right now in PBL we are working on a social studies project, 1956 Selmer Mark VI Saxophoneblogging, (of course), and we work on our 20% project every Fridays. Not everyone takes PBL. Other 6th graders are in core extension classes. Next everyone in the 6th grade eats a DELICIOUS lunch!! After that we have Advisory where you can work homework assignments, you can talk to teachers, or just work on anything that you need to work on. Advisory lasts for 15 minutes. On we go to 6th period, Choir. We sing and perform music pieces in choir. Finally, we have 7th period which is Band. I play the Alto Saxophone!! Choir and Band are elective classes. Not everyone chooses to take these.  People who don’t take Choir or Band rotate each term through Arts and Humanities classes, like Art and Drama. My school day wraps up at 2:35 and then it is time to go home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Creative Commons License likeaduck via Compfight

There are roughly 175 days in the school year depending on if we get snow days. We start the school year in mid-August and end usually at the end of May. We have several breaks throughout the year.  In the Fall, we have Fall Break on a Monday and Friday.  We also have a break for Thanksgiving in which we get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.  In the winter, we get nearly two weeks off for Winter Break which spans over Christmas and New Years.  We also get a week of Spring Break in April.  There are a few teacher training days sprinkled throughout the year. And then my favorite break….SUMMER BREAK!!!  We get roughly two and half months off!


Paws For a Cause

I am working with Sara N on a project. Our English Language Arts and Project-Based-Learning classes have teamed up to create a PBL project titled 20% Time Project. The idea is that we spend 20% of our time creating our own project that will not only teach us content, but benefit the community in some way.

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avek1The name of our project is Paws For a Cause! For our project, our plan is to do fundraisers, and to use the money to make care packages in which sets up a sale that promotes the adoption of animals by offering the free care packages designed specifically for each animal. These packages will include collars, leashes, food, dog toys, and more! We have reached out to the Boone County Animal Shelter! Our project is not only worthwhile because it is helping animals get adopted and have the things they need, but it also is a learning experience for Sara and me. Here is a webpage that has animal shelter fundraising ideas at

 We very well know that our project is not going to be easy, but we think if we put hard work into this project, it will be a huge success! We are very excited for our project!     #HelpSaveAnimals                   Creative Commons License Maja Dumat via Compfight

Bolonka Timmi

Camping in the Woods

Activity: 3

Camping in the Woods

Where is the light?My family was going camping in the woods today, and I couldn’t wait! We had almost finished packing our bags. When we had everything packed, we ate a quick, tasty snack, got in the car, and drove off. The car ride felt SO LONG!! When we FINALLY got there, I practically jumped out of the car. The woods that we were camping in were beautiful and were bursting with color. Yellow, orange, brown, and green leaves covered the ground.  Light shined through the trees. We walked around a little bit and then set up our tent. After we were done setting up, we had a campfire. We ate dinner which we had  cooked over the fire. Then, we ate s’mores. They were DELICIOUS! The golden marshmallow and gooey chocolate bar were melted together inside the gram crackers. My dad put out the fire and my sister and I got in the tent and in bed. While my mom and dad were still outside, my mom’s phone rang… 


“Oh! Hi! I haven’t talked to you in so long!”


“Oh! Great!”

“Well, she can maybe come, but we are camping right now……..”

I couldn’t hear my mom’s voice anymore because her voice was drown out by my sister’s.

“Who do you think she is talking to?”, she said.

“I don’t know.”, I said.

When my parents got into the tent, my mom explained that she was talking to Charlotte, my best friend’s mom, about Jennifer, my best friend, who is going to have Halloween party, but is is going to be on Saturday which we planned to still be camping on Saturday. I was torn. Jennifer’s my best friend, and she would be disappointed if I didn’t come to her party.

Comment on this post telling your ending to this story. Be creative!!!


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Activity: 4

A Five Picture Story

Mount Baker Pumpkin Patch                          Dallas - Big Pumpkin                             Pumpkin carving 

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Comment Challenge

I left this comment on Sara N’s blog, at

Hi Sara,
Your blog has lots of detail! My favorite subject in school is science! I love science because I love doing experiments. What is your favorite part of science? (rocks and minerals, animals and plants, etc.)

Come visit my blog at

Happy Blogging,
Emma H

I chose Sara N’s blog because she was very specific in her post, and it was very easy for me to follow. I can relate to her because I love science too. I love science because I love doing experiments. In the comment that I left, I was really trying to relate to the author, ask questions, compliment the author, and write a thoughtful, descriptive comment.