Trick – Or – Treat Halloween Poem

Activity 1

Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas. I learned that the copyright laws were created to protect the rights of the those creating music, videos, images, and most types of media.  I also learned that it is okay to use images, videos, and ideas as long as you properly cite the source. I still need to research more on how to properly format each of the citations.  This information is helpful because I have learned how to give credit where credit is due. I feel confident that I will be mindful when using the work of others and will research the proper format when needed.

Activity 2

A Halloween Poem

IMG_5540The full moon rises and the bright sun falls,

Halloween is just beginning.

Goblins, ghosts, and witches too

Lurking around every corner.


Frightened children dressed in costumes

                                                            Candy on their minds.

                                                            Jack – O’ – Lanterns on every doorstep

                                                            “Trick – Or – Treat!”

Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight

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